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Technical assistance projects

EU Phare project "Development and Strengthening of the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau" in 2004 - 2006

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Since 2004 KNAB implemented the EU funded Phare project "Development and Strengthening of the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau".

By the end of the year 2006, when project was completed, 15 contracts on supply and services were concluded for the total sum of 1.5 million EUR. The overall objective of it was to raise both administrative and operational capacities of KNAB.

First component - strengthening of institutional and professional capacity

Within this component experts provided analysis of the situation in Latvia, recommendations, guidelines and methodologies on the following subjects:

  • building legal awareness of the society and general education of public officials;
  • prevention of state capture;
  • use of state and municipal financial resources and property, and EU legislation and practice.

In addition, this Phare project component included training. All project deliverables were presented to KNAB officials, as well as representatives of other institutions such as the State Revenue Service, the Procurement Monitoring Bureau, Ministry of Finance, Members of the Parliament, etc.

Finally, conference room equipment was purchased, including discussion and translation facilities and system control devices had been purchased. This equipment allows KNAB to provide training to public officials.

Here you can download the available Phare project reports:


Second component - internal data base and integrated information network

Project is implemented in two steps: 1) internal data base; and 2) integrated information network, i.e. linking of KNAB with external data bases of other relevant public institutions in Latvia.

The aim of these new data systems is to allow KNAB to significantly improve and fasten the provision of information related to its examinations and investigations.

Prior to creation of the integrated system and internal data base, the necessary technical specifications were elaborated and the necessary technical equipment was purchased within this Phare project.

As a result of this project KNAB seeks to develop a successfully functioning integrated information system. It would give an opportunity in the future to obtain and store data from data basis of the Ministry of the Interior, the State Revenue Service, the Land Register, the Register of Enterprises, as well as other institutions faster and more efficiently.


Third component - improvement of operational capacity

With the EU financial support KNAB has considerably improved its material and technical provision and has acquired:

  • special intelligence equipment;
  • audio and video equipment;
  • software for graphic demonstration (visualisation) and analyzing of data.

The acquisition of the above mentioned equipment will allow rise the detection rates and improve investigatory capacity of KNAB.


World Bank projects "Strengthening the Institutional Capacity of KNAB" in 2003 and "Strengthening the capacity of institutions in charge of fighting corruption" in 2004-2007

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In 2003 the Bureau received a grant from the government of Japan as part of a Structural Adjustment Loan.

The purpose of this grant was to provide assistance in strengthening the institutional capacity of the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau through expertise of international consultants on organisational management, corruption prevention and enforcement components. The amount of grant was USD 85 830 and it was administrated by the World Bank. To carry out the assignment three short term experts were selected based on their experience and qualifications and deliverables such as assessment of current situation, identification of problems preventing from more efficient operation, as well as advices on strategic objectives were received after the assignment completion.
In September 2004 agreement between the World Bank and the Government of Latvia was signed allocating 235 000 USD for the project "Strengthening the capacity of institutions in charge of fighting corruption".
Purpose of the project is to provide technical assistance to:

  • develop capacity of KNAB in the area of prevention;
  • strengthen participation of NGOs in corruption prevention and monitoring of trends in corruption;
  • strengthen the capacity of the anti-corruption commission of the Parliament and organise study tours to related institutions.

KNAB is the main beneficiary and implementing agency of the grant. Co-financing is provided by the Government of Latvia.

The project has the following components and resulted in several assignments implemented by short term consultants:

  • "Development and Introduction of Provisions of Lobbying in Latvia" with purpose to analyse lobbying practices in different European countries, to examine the options for lobbying regulation in Latvia and to create conceptual guidelines for such regulation. Completed in October 2005.
  • "Introduction of Code of Ethics for Members of the Parliament (Saeima)" with the aim to promote understanding of codes of ethics and conduct and their relation to law, examine experience of other countries. Completed in June 2006.
  • "Development of Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau on theme "prevention"" implemented by the company "International Business & Technical Consultants, Inc" (U.S.A.). The objectives of the assignment were: (I) to study experience and approach of other countries in developing internal organizational corruption prevention systems in state and municipal institutions (Read the report); (II) to develop corruption prevention system in the area of public procurement (Read the report); (III) to improve income control system for public officials and natural persons in order to prevent legalisation of proceeds derived from criminal activities (Read the report).
  • "Effectiveness of Legal Framework on Pre-election Campaigning" with the purpose to assess effectiveness of existing legislation and develop a more effective legal framework regarding participation in pre-election campaigns in Latvia. Final report is to be completed shortly. Implemented in October 2006.
    Read the final report The Effectiveness of Legal Framework on Pre-election Campaigning