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In 2006 the work of the Corruption Preventing and Combating Bureau (hereinafter – the Bureau) in the field of preventing and combating of corruption has been more efficient than in previous years. Compared to 2005, more cases were sent for criminal prosecution as well as the number of persons suggested to be held criminally liable increased.

Also all-time high number is noted in criminal cases initiated by the Bureau and tried in various court instances. For example, in the first instance only eight criminal cases were tried in 2005 while in 2006 - already 26 criminal cases. In two cases that were associated with commitment of a criminal offence or a less serious violation there have been made up settlements with the victim (a local government or a private person) while in all other cases the court has found the accused persons guilty in committing an illegal act. Till the end of the year only one verdict of "not guilty" has come into force while in other cases the verdicts of "not guilty" have been contested by offices of public prosecutor by entering their protests both under appeal procedure or cassation procedure./knab_diskusija82321.jpg - 36.78 KB

Declarations of 1,518 public officials have been checked, which is by 518 more than it was planned. 19 draft legal acts have been prepared, and 123 opinions have been provided on other draft legal acts. The Bureau staff members examined 1 240 applications and complaints, participated in 43 intergovernmental working groups and meetings, which is by 33 more than it was planned, organized 52 events in the field of public education with total audience of about 1,060 persons. In last year 167 decisions were taken on holding public officials administratively liable, which is by 27 more than it was planned. 51 criminal procedures in 2006 were initiated, of which 41 were sent for criminal prosecution against 65 persons in total.

With growing awareness of population about the essence of corruptive violations as well as their awareness of problems within the Bureau’s competence, each year shows a little reduction in number of applications received in the Bureau, but their content, in its turn, has become more substantiated and gives more detailed information about corruptive violations.

The year 2006 is also notable with establishment of elements of criminal offences in actions of high-ranking public officials. Case with bribery at elections of Jurmala city mayor has stimulated a public discussion on political corruption, its consequences and responsibility of elected officials before the electorate.

In 2006 a great work has been carried out on improvement of legal regulation in the sphere of financing of political parties, prevention of conflict of interest of public officials, leasing of public property as well as development of the policy document on most suitable solution for legal regulation of lobbying in Latvia.

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