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On 16 July 2015 the Cabinet of Ministers approved a new mid-term policy planning document “The Corruption Prevention and Combating Guidelines for 2015-2020” (further – Guidelines 2015-2020) describing the current situation of Latvia’s anti-corruption policy, defining problems and stipulating tasks to be executed by various state institutions, implementation time frame for individual assignments, justification of the assignment and overall policy results to be expected in certain period of time. The Guidelines will replace the National Anti-Corruption Strategy for 2009-2013. To elaborate the Guidelines the Bureau considered proposals of various expert working groups arranged during the elaboration of the document, as well as recommendations expressed in international evaluations and reviews regarding corruption prevention and combating, public inquiries, surveys researches and reports on the improvement of the anti-corruption policy in Latvia. The results of inspections and criminal cases of the Bureau were also taken into account.

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