Last year, the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau of Latvia (KNAB) launched investigations in 36 criminal proceedings of varying complexity, of which almost in a third part pre-trial investigations have already successfully concluded. In 18 criminal proceedings sent to the prosecutor's offices in 2023, KNAB initiated criminal prosecutions against 49 natural persons and continued proceedings for the imposition of coercive measures against seven legal persons. This is the highest number of persons referred to prosecutors in the last five years.

The results of the KNAB's activities in the fight against corruption over the past year show that the number of legal entities for which bribes were paid to public officials increases every year. KNAB believes that this indicates a negative trend and highlights the importance of internal anti-corruption control systems for the integrity of companies and the mitigation of corruption risks.

The most frequently investigated criminal offence in criminal proceedings initiated by KNAB last year was bribe-taking and bribe-giving, while in criminal proceedings referred for prosecution – bribe-giving. The average duration of investigations in criminal proceedings initiated by the KNAB was four months, which demonstrates the institution's ability to quickly and efficiently obtain and consolidate evidence in order to bring alleged offenders to justice. 

In 2023, 11 criminal proceedings investigated by KNAB, both last year and in other years, were adjudicated by the courts. The court sentenced ten people to suspended prison sentences.

In 2023, KNAB carried out various activities in the field of corruption prevention – it developed the Corruption Prevention and Combating Action Plan 2023-2025, which is a national anti-corruption planning document and the measures included in which are to be implemented both by KNAB and other institutions.

In parallel, KNAB actively participated in development and improvement of laws and regulations in anti-corruption area, successfully promoting several significant changes. For example, the maximum amount of the fine for a detected violation of the pre-election campaigning or non-compliance with the restrictions on pre-election campaigning on the internet, in public places, in electronic media and in the press was aligned.

Last year, KNAB also expanded its existing reporting channels by creating an online reporting platform and a mobile app "Ziņo KNAB!", and raised public awareness about reporting and the devastating consequences of corruption through the social campaign "KORUPCIJA SMACĒ! Ziņo KNAB lietotnē” (CURROPTION SUFFOCATES! Report by using the KNAB app). Last year, KNAB received 1,435 reports on possible corruption from citizens, entrepreneurs and institutions. KNAB also received 52 reports that were formalised as whistleblower reports, of which 21 were recognised as whistleblower reports.

In the area of control over the activities of public officials, KNAB observed an increase in 2023 in the number of violations of the conflict of interest prevention regulation related to combining public official positions, being in conflict of interest situations, as well as non-compliance with restrictions on commercial activities. When analysing these violations, it can be concluded that they are most often related to the negligence and careless attitude of public officials towards the procedure established by laws and regulations. Last year, KNAB demanded that officials reimburse to the state the damages of at least 65 thousand euros caused due to violations.

KNAB is the leading independent anti-corruption body in Latvia that prevents and combats corruption, controls compliance with the regulations governing the financing of political parties and their associations, and monitors compliance with restrictions and prohibitions on pre-election campaigning.