In order to ensure the transparency, legality, and compliance of the financial activities of political organisations with the system of parliamentary democracy, in accordance with the Law on Financing of Political Organisations (Parties), political parties submit and the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau publishes online information about donations (contributions), admission fees, and membership fees received by the political parties, as well as their election statements, and annual accounts on income and expenditures.

In order to fulfil its tasks in the area of monitoring the financial and economic activities of political organisations, the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau:

  • monitors the implementation of the Law on the Financing of Political Organisations (Parties), incl. disbursement of state budget funds to political organizations;
  • investigates complaints and applications within its competence;
  • collects and analyses Information about financial statements submitted by political parties, irregularities detected in their submission, and breaches of the restrictions laid down by law;
  • in the cases determined by law, charges offenders with administrative liability and issues punishments;
  • conducts investigative and operational activities to detect criminal offences under the Criminal Law in the area of illegal financing of political parties;
  • analyses and proposes amendments to laws, regulations, and draft laws;
  • educate the public in the field of financing of political organisations (parties) and associations thereof;
  • informs the public about the breaches of the rules on party financing it detects, and the measures taken to correct the breaches.