Application to report about the corruptive violation

The Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (hereinafter – KNAB) prevents and combats corruption, as well as, controls the fulfilment of financing provisions of political organizations (parties).

In accordance with the Law “On Prevention of Conflict of Interest in Activities of Public Officials” the conflict of interests is the situation, when a public official in performing his or her assigned duties needs to take a decision or is involved in the taking of decision, or needs to take other actions related to assigned duties, which influence or can influence personal or financial interests of public official, his or her relatives or counterparties.

In accordance with the Law on Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau, the corruption is bribery or any other action committed by a public official intended to gain an unmerited benefit for himself of herself, or other persons, through the use of his or her position, powers thereof or by exceeding them.

KNAB does not consider the issues, which do not correspond to their competence.

KNAB does not have jurisdiction to consider the questions regarding to the mutual civil disputes of persons, violations regarding to property ownership, disputes regarding recovery of a debt, questions regarding to residential buildings administration and management authorization contractual arrangements defaults, complaints about pollution of the environment, offences regarding to theft, robbery, fraud, falsification of documents, arbitrary tree felling, appropriation, legitimacy and validity pf decisions of judges, complaints about interference with the adjudication of the case or default of court judgment and decision, complaints about the possible non-compliance of criminal investigation according to the criminal procedural law and etc.