Investigation of Corruption Related Offences

KNAB is in charge of detecting criminal offences related to corruption committed in the public service and relating to financing of political parties as determined in the Criminal Law of the Republic of Latvia. In this area KNAB carried out criminal intelligence and investigation.

KNAB has jurisdiction over the following violations related to corruption:

  • Exceeding a public official’s authority;
  • Using official position in bad faith;
  • Public official’s failure to act, i.e. a public official fails to perform his or her assigned duties, intentionally or through negligence and thus causes harm to a state authority, its rights and interests;
  • Accepting and giving  bribes, including misappropriation of a bribe and intermediation in a bribery;
  • Violating restrictions imposed on a public official repeatedly or if substantial harm is caused to the state interests;
  • Unlawful participation in property transactions by a public official;
  • Trading in influence, i.e. giving/accepting material value, property or other kind of benefits to/by a public official to personally influence the activities or decisions of a public official;
  • Intermediation in financing of political parties.