Education of public officials and the society about corruption, ethics and respect of law

Apart from its two core activities– prevention and investigation – KNAB also is responsible for the education and information of the society. It is an increasingly important part of our work. KNAB is responsible for education of the public in the areas of respect of law and ethics. We are also in charge of informing the public on trends in corruption and cases of corruption detected, as well as overall steps taken to prevent corruption and enforcement of law.

In 2007 KNAB launched its first anti-corruption social advertising campaign "Corruption is the Prostitution of the Entrusted Power" with the aim to improve the public awareness of risks and negative consequences of corruption and promote intolerance towards different forms of corruption.

The experience of KNAB shows that while efforts to detect corruption crimes have positive impact on the public opinion, however, when personally experiencing situations with corruption risks citizens still tend to resolve them by corrupt means, in certain situations even considering corruption as a way of life.

The advertising campaign embraced video spot with the slogan "Corruption is the Prostitution of the Entrusted Power" commissioned by KNAB and developed by the advertising agency "McCann-Erickson Riga" and other elements of the advertising campaign, including the website The aim of the video spot, which was broadcasted on TV, was to highlight the essence of corruption: buying and selling of the power entrusted to public officials for private gain. Overall purpose of the campaign was to promote public opinion on corruption as an immoral action and to draw society's attention to the destructive effect of corruption.

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