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Information for Political Parties

30 / 03 / 2020

KNAB informs that work has started on implementing the Electronic Data Input System (EDIS) for political parties.

EDIS is a new data input system, which is developed to ease the submission of documents and reports of political parties. EDIS system will diminish the administrative weight for the political parties and will provide opportunity to receive information faster, when a donation is not in compliance with legal regulation. KNAB will be able to process information and financial analysis of political parties more efficiently, as well as publishing the information will be made easier.

By using EDIS political parties will be able to announce KNAB the received membership and joining fees, the received and refunded (returned) gifts (donations), submit the income and expense declarations of elections and annual reports.

The rights to access EDIS are granted by KNAB in accordance with Law on Financing of Political Organisations (Parties) Section 15, part 2. In order to receive rights to access, a representative (/-s) of a political party must submit an application to register an EDIS user. The application is available at KNAB website:

We beckon the responsible persons of political parties to follow the information in e-mails and in case of something unclear or questions to contact KNAB through e-mail: or by calling:

• granting access rights to users - 67356147, 67797265, 67356190;
• input of the received and refunded (returned) gifts (donations), joining and membership fees - 67356157, 67797263;
• input of the income and expense declarations of elections and annual reports - 67797264, 67797266.