On 14 March, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the Corruption Prevention and Combating Action Plan 2023–2025. The policy planning document contains a total of 49 measures in the areas of prevention and combating corruption which are to be implemented by the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) and other authorities, including ministries.

The overarching objective of the corruption prevention and combating policy during subsequent years is to ensure the credible functioning of any authority or organisation in compliance with the principle of good governance and effective human resources management. In order to achieve the objective, the Corruption Prevention and Combating Action Plan identifies five sub-objectives, 13 action directions, and a total of 49 measures with consequential tasks.

The Corruption Prevention and Combating Action Plan sets out a time schedule for fulfilling the tasks and also defines the expected results. The outcome of the tasks is focused on society and the public benefit related to effective prevention and combating of corruption, control over the implementation of the rules regarding provision of financing to political organisations, and also control of pre-election campaigns. Measures and tasks already included in policy planning documents developed by other authorities, e.g. action plans in the fields of open governance and anti-money laundering, are not duplicated in the present Plan.

The Corruption Prevention and Combating Action Plan is based on the 20 years of experience and performance analysis of the work of KNAB, and also on the recommendations of international organisations, including the Council of Europe’s Group of States against corruption (GRECO) and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), and other experts in the field of anti-corruption.

KNAB is expressing gratitude to all public entities and non-governmental organisations for their involvement and suggestions in the development of the Plan and also the recommendations for the fight against corruption in the upcoming years.