During the meeting, the Director of the KNAB and the Prime Minister both agreed that a risk-based approach and prevention play an important role in eliminating corruption, including explaining the specific nature of the work of law enforcement authorities and improving public awareness of anti-corruption issues.

Jēkabs Straume, the Director of the KNAB: “The meeting with Prime Minister Evika Siliņa was of great value because it helped define the country’s anti-corruption objectives and priorities. The Prime Minister gave a clear vision of the actions and improvements necessary to prevent and fight corruption. I appreciate the Prime Minister’s support for the work of the KNAB!”

In her speech, the Prime Minister praised the employees of the KNAB for the contribution of the leading anti-corruption institution towards strengthening national security and for their readiness to make the fight against corruption more effective by taking over the investigative functions from the Internal Security Department of the State Revenue Service.