Four pictures representing the informative material

The Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) has developed a practical information material "How to recognize corruption" aimed to promote public ability to notice signs indicating possible corrupt behaviour. The material compiles examples and signs that may indicate possible corruption at various levels.

Jēkabs Straume, Director of KNAB: "Corruption is a crime that can manifest in different ways, and is a threat to both the general State, and individual well-being of the populace in all cases. Corruption wastes taxpayers' money and plunders limited State budget resources, as well as contributes to income inequality among citizens. As society has a very important role in the fight against corruption, KNAB encourages people to strengthen their skills in recognizing corruption and to contact KNAB immediately in case of suspicion."

Corruption is a hidden criminal offense, but in many situations other people may, including in the performance of official duties at their workplaces or carrying out various transactions, notice suspicious coincidences and even signs that may indicate the involvement of public officials in corruption. In order to strengthen public ability to recognize corruption, KNAB has compiled examples in its informative material, as well as general and specific signs of possible corruption at the following levels: administrative (day-to-day), political (high-level), public procurement as well as in the field of party financing.

KNAB encourages everyone to be brave and not remain silent about possible corruption. It is important to emphasize that timely reporting, without informing other persons about the fact of reporting, accelerates the detection of illegal activities and obtaining necessary evidence, as well as increases the likelihood of bringing the guilty persons to justice. You can report to KNAB by calling the hotline 8000 20 70, sending information electronically to, filling out the reporting form on, or using the mobile application "Ziņo KNAB".

KNAB informatīvais materiāls “Kā atpazīt korupciju” (in Latvian only)