On 3 November, the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) sent to the Prosecutor General's Office criminal case to initiate criminal prosecution against two natural persons for alleged bribery on a large scale, as well attempted alleged bribery intermediation.

KNAB commenced criminal proceedings on 28 July 2020, and conducted pre-trial investigation into an alleged criminal offence under Section 320(2) of the Criminal Law, i.e. for requesting a bribe.

The evidence obtained during the pre-trial investigation contain information that two natural persons, allegedly by prior agreement, demanded a 20 000 euro bribe from a third person, and created the impression that the bribe will be handed over to an official of the State Police Economic Crime Department in order to use official position and take a decision in the interests of the bribe-giver. In addition, the natural person instigating the bribery tried to misappropriate a part of the bribe (10 000 euro) with the help of an intermediary.

The investigation did not discover facts indicating that any police officials were involved in this corruptive offence. During the criminal proceedings from both involved natural persons KNAB seized illicit tobacco products, namely, 262 packets of cigarettes without excise stamps. KNAB transferred the seized tobacco products to the State Revenue Service, which is the institution in Latvia responsible for monitoring the movement of excisable goods.

After sending the criminal file to the Prosecutor General’s Office, KNAB thereby concludes the pre-trial investigation. The Prosecutor’s Office must henceforth decide on the progress of the case.

KNAB recalls that no person shall be considered guilty until the guilt of such person in the committing of a criminal offence has been determined in accordance with the procedures established by law. KNAB simultaneously stresses that a person involved in any criminal proceedings has the right to defence and recalls that the presumption of innocence is applicable in all stages of criminal proceedings - starting from the moment they are suspected or accused of committing a criminal offence, until their guilt in the committing of a criminal offence has been proven in accordance with the procedures established by law.