Logos of three institutions: Eirojust, Rijksrecherche, Paleis van Justitie

Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) representatives, including analysts and investigators, within the scope of the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 programme “International Police Cooperation and Combating Crime” project “Support for the establishment of a whistle-blowing system in Latvia”, studied the experience and best practice of the Netherlands in carrying out strategic and tactical analysis, as well as gained broader insight into the country’s fight against corruption.

During the visit between 16-20 May 2022, several meetings between KNAB representatives and experts from Dutch authorities were held, including with the Dutch National Internal Investigation Department (Rijksrecherche), Fiscal Information and Investigation Service (Fiscale inlichtingen- en opsporingsdienst), Anti-Corruption Centre (Anti Corruptie Centrum), Anti Money-Laundering Centre, European Union Agency for Criminal Justice Cooperation (Eurojust), and others.

The exchange of experience visit was carried out in the scope of the “Support for the establishment of a whistle-blowing system in Latvia” project, where KNAB receives European Economic Area grants from Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway. The goal of the project is to promote public engagement in reporting corruption and other latent crimes, while simultaneously providing the public with a safe and convenient reporting channel, as well as improve the competence of KNAB in detecting corruptive criminal offences.