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Political Party Financing

Monitoring of political parties’ compliance with party financing regulations


KNAB checks if a political party has: 

  • received an illegal donation;
  • violated limitations of financing, for example third party mediation in donating to a party;
  • received an anonymous donation;
  • violated limitations of the pre-election expenditure amounts;
  • and submitted to KNAB the following information: annual financial declaration; election income and expenditure declaration. KNAB can ask political parties to return to the state budget illegally acquired funding.

The reports and declarations submitted by political parties are published in the official gazette of Latvia and are available through the political parties financing data base (only in Latvian).

If any of above mentioned violations has been detected, KNAB is authorised to charge persons with administrative liability. KNAB is informing the public of any discovered violations of party financing regulations by political parties and preventive steps regularly, at least once a year.